Yoti’s Cervelo roadbike complete

A good paintjob can change a bike altogether giving a fresh look and adding confidence and psychology to the rider. Yoti’s Cervelo is a bike we know very well since we have build it and rode with him tons of times. From the first time he rode it we all agreed that Cervelo’s factory boring paintjob is totally flat and not worthy of a rider for 48×17. If not else we pride our eclectic approach to cycling aesthetic.

So when Yoti smashed his collar bone on a training accident at the velodrome he knew it was the right time to visit our paint studio.

The basic idea for this was the Latte Menta paintscheme (not pistachio please) and we suggested the reverse mirror lettering in bright silver mirror colour. Given that this is a racing bike with a slammed stem and tight precission set up it didnt need any more flowery stuff. We serviced it, changed cables and shortened the outer casing, crossing the cables running under the main tube through the bottom bracket. Highlights of the build are surely the Ambrosio Laser Comp wheelset at 1495gr (395 euros), the MASH Parallax bartape, the skinwall Veloflex tyres and the little red details throughout.

At long last, a well deserved upgrade to our own in-house shredder’s machine.

Sick build brah and get well soon!

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