Yorgos Surly Straggler Adventurer

A super dope Surly Straggler in watermelon red sparkle ready for action.

Yorgos asked for an extra strong bike that he can ride on and off road, and eventually plan an international touring trip on. Yorgos height of 195+ demanded a bike that he can fit well in. Surly Straggler offering 12 sizes was the ideal cassis for him, at size 62cm.

We decide to go classic on a mechanical 2×10 gear system so we could offer all the range of possibilities for him open in the future. This is a SRAM Apex system 2×10 with Mavic All Road wheelset and some fancy details as always. Check the Cinelli egg topcap. the BLB woven bartape, the Cliff bar bottle and the Brooks B17 saddle.

Super build.

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