Johny’s Dacordi neo retro roadbike

Not many Dacordis have reached Greece – not even in their prime time – so it is really a treat to work on one of them, especially an SLX piece in such a great condition.
The intent is evidently a light neo-retro build with contemporary position on the bike giving comfortable kilometres but fast acceleration and that racy one inch punch these bikes have in them that is so good and you cant find it in carbon modern geo.
Johny had it almost all laid out in its entirety and this is a special present to himself for a new beggining.
Campagnolo Athena 2×11, Campy headset, ITM cockpit, Cinelli saddle, Nitto post, Durace cable stops, Conti GPs and eh… Fulcrum wheels.
We are super pleased to host these photos.

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