Pierre-Luc Velo-Orange Passhunter

The Passhunter is a favorite of ours. Velo Orange the American independent manufacturer (Taiwan) manages to produce some of the most innovative products with up to date tech specs. Passhunter is essentially an “all-road” bike that can fit anything the adventurous rider might need. This one is going to Ag. Nikolaos in Crete.

We decided to build this with Campagnolo Centaur given the quality and elegance of it, especially on a gravel bike like this. For cockpit we used the VO Daija gravel handlebar on BLB lite stem and we think it looks really great.
We also used a ready made decent wheelset Mavic Aksyum leaving that bit open to a future upgrade of a handmade laced wheelset. We also fitted Panaracer GRavelking tyres in 32 since this will be ridden in mixed terrain with lots of asphalt in.

All in all Velo Orange impresses for another time with a super tech frameset that kinda looks retro but its not. The feel of the ride is super confortable and really stable while on gravel, maintaining though a “fast” profile that gives you good feeling and lots of fun.

Highly recommended!

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