Karl’s Surly Long Haul Trucker Disc complete

Although this is Surly’s Long Haul Trucker Disc 26” factory build it is really a custom bike for us at the shop. It is because of its particular story and the length of effort we put in this that justifies our title “custom” services.

Karl was misfortunate enough to have his bike stolen in Sarajevo out of a storage basement in a hostel. He was lucky enough though to save his panniers and all expedition gear that he travelled with so the only thing he needed was a brand new bike.

He emailed us from Serbia and we got into work to find him a brand new Surly LHT – dont think that it is too easy locating a complete Surly in the middle of summer…

So this is Surly’s 26” inch – smaller wheels for improved stability – disc brake version of the most popular traveling bike model of the world, and it truly justifies it. Features of the build are the bar-end shifters, upright position with a +17 stem and lots of spacers, Conti Ride Tour tyres and Shimano Deore shifting, triple chainring cranks, massive range cassette and all the quality in the right places (it even has a Cane Creek sealed headset!).

In between conversations, fredos, map browsing et al we cut fork and did bike fit to Karl on it and then mounted the Tubus racks, Logo for the rear and Lowrider for the front. Plus some accessories like bike lights, nets, bell etc.

Karl is most probably in South Crete right now enjoying his bike and time, climbing the mountains, camping under the trees and exploring the beaches all the way from Sfinari, Chania to Vai Palm forrest.

This is Greece after all and by any definition available of the word when it come to bike camping and traveling, this is “where its at”.

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