Chaque’s Gazelle Reynolds Road complete

Chaque’s massive size, reminiscent of a basketballl player constitutes this project kind of a special one. This is a massive 62cm Gazelle road bike bought off some forum in a bad condition as frameset only. We restored and repainted to a design that keeps its subtle elegance but at the same time gives it the right contrast.

We fitted a Cinelli stem from our vintage stock and the Nitto Noodle bars in 46cm, a Campagnolo 1 inch headset and some help in small parts that are hard to find in the Greek shops and we keep in  stock like the VO ring on the downtube shifter mount and the front d. collar.

It should be noted that this the first Ergo Power ever produced (Athena) with the remaining groupset (Chorus) being super rare with a 180mm crank arm to accomodate Chaque’s massive feet.

A super special retro build for an old friend.

Reclaim the streets!

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