Salamykonos 2016: Keep shredding

25 Apr 2016

DSC00641 Great day out riding the Kanakia peak at Salamina island. Good turn out, few usual suspects, some old pals and Xristos keeping it real only brakeless track bike on his much deserved break from Panellinies prep. We like that Salamykonos is becoming kind of annual habit, a ride towards the surrealistic part of Athens, full of derelict areas, narrow roads, industrial nonsense, budget villas and the cheapest sea transport in Europe!

DSC00659 We tried hard to get the rhythm going in the start.

DSC00654 Sxisto tunnel always gives you racy vibe.

DSC00661 Perama street cred.



DSC00676 Sunbathing.



DSC00682 The nameless deserted island in between Perama and Salamina.


DSC00687 Dude on a fishing mission.

DSC00689 Shoe game.


DSC00707 Brovet vibes all around.

DSC00701 First ascent.

DSC00708 Seccond ascent – in yo face – over beautiful panorama.

DSC00712 Lungs out for Dimitris and Andreas.

DSC00746 Well, the thing with Kanakia is that it has some sick steep grades. In thick pine forrest. Apostolis doing a bit of suffering fun time.

DSC00715 …and more lungs out, this time for Paris.

DSC00719 Finally at the top. Regroup and lungs in.

DSC00720 Today’s sock game was strong.

DSC00726 Xristos keeping it “shred now cry later” at the top – Terry would be proud.

DSC00739 No comments for these guys.

DSC00757 Outro: see yous all next time. Thanks for sharing the road. Keep shreding. #weownthemountains

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