Report: The 1896 Classic Marathon Race Revival 2014

12 May 2014


Cranks went ablaze at this years version of the 1896 CMRR. 45 riders registered coming from all aspects of cycling from pro racing to commuters: Italy, Russia, Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Nafpaktos, Kalamata and Larisa. It was also pretty rad to have the race transmitted live via web streaming (besides the problems). We are really happy with the outcome and we promise that the 1896 CMRR is going to get stronger each time, showcasing Athens’ fixed gear culture and history as part of the international community.
Marathon_Race_VParavas-2809_LOW7688 Marathon_Race_VParavas-2637 Marathon_Race_VParavas-2543As far as the race is concerned, there was no answer to Back2Back’s strategy for eliminating each contestant. With no other serious team work from other team, Rafaelle Maccari (B2B) stepped on the pedal to spread out the peloton masterfully leaving room while his teamate Francesco Martucci rode silently few places behind. After the half way turn, 20klm before finish line Martucci attacks on an incredible solo break that took him to the finish line. Alexandr Privalnev (Ingria Team) fought bravely for positioning but was left behind by 1 very important minute and settled for 5th place. Yiannis Ioakeimopoulos from Thessaloniki on his second try at the 1896 CRMM showed his excellent condition fighting the Italians as hard as he could. Themis Antoniadis (48×17 Team) wrestled with his gearing on the fast parts of the course and was left out of the podium while Nikiforos Kouris (Atlas Cervelo) rounded up the 6 first places.

_LOW4651 _LOW4634


1st: Not much more to say about Francesco Martucci of Team Rapid Inside/Back2Back (IT). He was there since the first fixed gear criteriums as a member of Iride Modena for 2 years and still going strong with his new team Back2Back. He is an incredible athlete and a giant of the fixed gear scene. His passion for riding and racing is so immense! As a cyclist we all witnessed his 40klm av. speed (no matter if its uphill, flat, downhill) and his incredible style and team skill. We hope we get the chance to see him again. _LOW4719

Marathon_Race_VParavas-29042nd: If it wasnt for Yiannis Ioakeimopoulos there would be no battle at all. He fought against the Italians and stood up at the increasingly crazy pace claiming the astonishing 2nd place at the podium and the respect of the rest of the peloton. Congrats to Yiannis (Thassaloniki – 1000 Dentra).


3rd: Rafaelle Maccari (Back2Back, IT). Rafaelle did probably the most discrete but important performance of the race. Opening up the space at the front he left his teamate Francesco Martucci waiting to attack, and then he did an excellent job at holding Yiannis 1,5klm behind his teamate as Francesco was pedaling towards the podium. Congrats to Raffa for a great performance and for being such a gentleman too._LOW4784


4th: Grabbing every excuse he is given to push his riding to the edge our own team rider Themis Antoniadis almost touched the podium if it wasnt for a slightly wrong choice of gearing. Surely a better performance than last time he raced the 1896 CMRR (6th), we are really proud of Themis’ never-ending appetite for cycling. Racing alleycats or EOΠ track championships, bombing hills or goofy stunts on track bikes he is there taking chances. After all its the experience that counts.


5th: Hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia Alexandr Privalnev, owner of the infamous Ingria Bicycles was for sure the talk of the town. Riding his own creation the Airpusher track frame, an absolute magnet for the crowd, Alexandr showed its worth with a blasting performance. A track and cyclocross athlete Alexandr breathes for the fixed gear underground scene and we will sure like to see him again in Athens. Thanks for coming bro!



6th: There is no race in Greece if Nikiforos Kouris is not showing up. Joining the 1896 CMRR for the second time Nikiforos came straight from racing on the velodrome at the ΕΟΠ Int. Track Meeting at the same day! A true veteran of the cycling scene Nikiforos’ flirt with the underground fixed gear scene is something we are thankful of. Fuck knees race bikes!


#01 | 1:41:02 Francesco Martucci, Team Rapid Inside / Back2Back (IT)

#02 | 1:43:36 Giannis Ioakimopoulos, 1000 Δέντρα (Thessaloniki, GR)

#03 | 1:43:49 Rafaelle Maccari, Team Rapid Inside / Back2Back (IT)

#04 | 1:46:35 Themis Antoniadis, 48×17 Team (ATH, GR)

#05 | 1:47:56 Alexander Privalnev, Ingria Team (RU)

#06 | 1:48:00 Nikiforos Kouris, Atlas/Cervelo (ATH, GR)

#07 | 1:51:25 Filippos Pentarakis, (ATH, GR)

#08 | 1:52:10 Thanos Agoros (Thessaloniki, GR)

#09 | 1:52:41 Tilemachos Makropoulos (Thessaloniki, GR)

#10 | 1:53:10 Sotos Meligdis (ATH, GR)

#11 | 1:54:40 Dimitris Pitianoudis (ATH, GR)

#12 | 1:54:40 Panos Blatsoukas (ATH, GR)

#13 | 1:54:40 Giannis Leontaridis, (ATH, GR)

#14 | 1:55:44 Christos Chalkos, PCC (ATH, GR)

#15 | 1:57:34 Fivos Zaravinos (ATH, GR)

#16 | 2:00:46 Neoklis Manikas (Larisa, GR)

#17 | 2:01:23 Vasilis Zygouris (ATH, GR)

#18 | 2:01:30 Michalis Georgopoulos (Νafpaktos, GR)

#19 | 2:02:57 Sakis Galapis, Νine Flow (Thessaloniki, GR)

#20 | 2:03:54 Argiris Dinopoulos (ATH, GR)

#21 | 2:04:50 Christos Delios, Fixter Bikes (Thessaloniki, GR)

#22 | 2:05:00 Antonis Kanelos, Basement Street Shop (Kalamata, GR)

#23 | 2:05:00 Vasilis Tsoumas, PCC (ATH, GR)

#24 | 2:05:00 Orfeas Moraitis (ATH, GR)

#25 | 2:05:55 Cornelios Savvopoulos (ATH, GR)

#26 | 2:06:15 Dimitris Kaliakoudas (ATH, GR)

#27 | 2:06:15 Dimitris Georgopoulos, Joker Bikes (Κalamata, GR)

#28 | 2:07:05 Thomas Patelis, QUAD Imports – Viktor Schindelhauer Club (ATH, GR)

#29 | 2:09:33 Sokratis Tsakos, QUAD Imports – Viktor Schindelhauer Club (Patras, GR)

#30 | 2:12:58 Alexandros Letsas (Larisa, GR)

#31 | 2:12:51 Joel Vherleysen (BE)

#32 | 2:15:55 Michalis Vasiliadis, Basement Street Shop (Kalamata, GR)

#33 | 2:18:51 Dimitris Dimaggelos, Basement Street Shop (Kalamata, GR)

#34 | 2:20:40 Dimitris Minas (Larisa, GR)

#35 | 2:20:40 Giorgos Spyridis (ATH, GR)

#36 | 2:21:45 Kostas Apostoleas (ATH, GR)

#37 | 2:39:05 Simeon Dimopoulos, Basement (Kalamata, GR)

#38 | 2:39:05 Christos Apostolopoulos (ATH, GR)

D         Antonis Spanos (Thessaloniki, GR)

D         Thanasis Polychronis, QUAD Imports – Viktor Schindelhauer Club (ATH, GR)

D         Giorgos Karanikas (Larisa, GR)

Did not show up:

Giorgos Orfanos, Κnowledge Bike Repairs (ATH, GR)

Robin Margier (France)

Sabrina Tvyss, PCC (ATH, GR)

Stamatis Plytas (ATH, GR)

Many thanks to Dolan, Tokyo Fixed, Cadence, Red Bull for supporting.

Marathon_Race_VParavas-3159 Marathon_Race_VParavas-3119 Marathon_Race_VParavas-3361 Marathon_Race_VParavas-3067 Marathon_Race_VParavas-3022 Marathon_Race_VParavas-3007 Marathon_Race_VParavas-2983 Marathon_Race_VParavas-2866 Marathon_Race_VParavas-2653 Marathon_Race_VParavas-2838 Marathon_Race_VParavas-2650 _LOW7498 _LOW4821 Marathon_Race_VParavas-3027 Marathon_Race_VParavas-3217 Marathon_Race_VParavas-3379 Marathon_Race_VParavas-3353Event team: production: Agi Kolyvas, Spyros Pan – press: Natasha Pandi – mechanic: Christian Manousaridis – live coverage: Sportal TV – commentator: Andreas Michos – graphic design: Vagelis Gkravaritis, Bend – artist: Jola – photographers: Staffan Lowstedt, Vangelis Paravas, Agi Kolyvas – drivers: Fontas Dialismas, Kostas Cutoff, Konstantinos Souvatzoglou – volunteers: Theoxaris Tziovaras, Prokopis Galatopoulos, Nadia Kavoulakou, Dimitra Pandi – cloakroom: Jimmys Koutsoumpas – control Marathon: Dimitris Gravaris, Elias Lymperopoulos, Efthimis Xristofilopoulos, Xristos Mpanellas – control Pikermi: Iraklis Karayiannidis (with the help of Daphni Dairy Products) – we are indebted fully to Yorgos Amyras and Manolis Fragoulopoulos for their valuable help with the police permit – special thanks to Viktoras Gogas, Yorgos Axiotis, Odi, Jola, Conbasil, Panos Mafia, Abend and all of you that supported the event. The spirit of Konstantinidis lives!

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