Pelizzoli Curdomo single speed


This is Aggelos’ custom geometry Pelizzoli Curdomo single speed and it is a magnificent build. We laced a pair of Ambrosio hubs on H+Son TB14 polished rims and covered them with Panaracer Pasela tyres. Utilizing a pair of Weinmann brake levers from our vintage collection, we threw in an IRD Defiant crankset to go with a White Industries freewheel. The cockpit consists of Nitto bar and stem and a Cinelli zebra tape. This frame was made custom order to Aggelos incredible height and body measures.  We are really happy and proud of this build, a sensible custom bike that will be cherished forever. Nice!

IMG_4264 IMG_4265 IMG_4266 IMG_4268 IMG_4269 IMG_4271 IMG_4272
IMG_4275 IMG_4276 IMG_4277 IMG_4279 IMG_4281

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