Alexendros’ Surly Crosscheck complete

 It is our philosophy that bikes are there to be ridden and are not consumer products. Sure, good bikes cost a lot but with some good old saving up, good research and some expert advise (like the one we odder) a good bike can change your life.

Its sad that many people see bikes as consumer products that they will buy just to feel good. Some other see bikes as a projection of their fantasy of their alter ego. None of this will lead you to bike happiness.

Alexandros came at the shop with a broken old Mercier and a huge appetite for cycling and adventure. He mentioned touring, brevet, camping etc and after some advise from us he came to the decision to buy a light touring/CX steel frame like Surly Crosscheck.

It is obviously a best seller for Surly, a bike that can do so many things and will last a lifetime. We build this bike up with a Shimano combo groupset of Ultegra and 105, keeping shifting on downtube fro extra class. Wheelset is Ultegra hubs on Mavic Open Pros and some of the details that we loved are the Thomson setback seatpost, Ritchey Classic stem, Tektro cantis and please dont forget the silver front brake hanger.

Ever since he bought this bike Alexandrs did in that line a: 200klm, 300 klm and 600 klm brevet, toured Peloponnese once sleeping out in little chapels and taking it all in. Its the experience that counts. After all he is only 22 yo.

Here’s to the wilderness out there.

#outsideisfree #ATHsucksforcycling 

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