A day out racing at the World of Cross series CX#1

24 Nov 2015




This year the much anticipated cyclocross season was promised to be updated with 2 more races and it kinda seems that the lost forgotten by all sport was to return stronger. We decided with some friends to go and check it out racing the OPEN category. And it was fire!

The first World of Cross race was a really good fun day out and it surprised us all. The race was perfectly organised by Thiseas CC and this new course was definitely better, faster, more techinical and more fun. The dirt was soft and grippy and there were some nice technical turns designed with a brutal short by steep climb of asphalt to top it off. Again, technical obstacles like steps etc were missing so you neednt really had to step off the bike (although some did). That means that a great aspect of the sport, the transitions off and then on the bike, was missing – we would like to see some of the Greek cycling top stars like the ones we had this Sunday compete also in the transition game.

Nevertheless, the atmosphere was great, lots of people had gathered in Veikou park Galatsi, a few of our friends of loyal Hot Dawgs supporters (some of them hangovered), a bunch of little kids with MTBs, bystanders on a park stroll and locals enjoyng a picnic – all under a glorious winter sunshine.

The level as it seems in CX in Greece right now is devided between a few Elite Men, that are battling it out by themselves and then a bunch of other somewhat fit CX fans that are racing in the OPEN category. We all started together as a big group of friends and then it was what you wanted it to be. You could have a serious race chasing the front pack or you could just have fun riding your bike as fast as you can. It seems fair enough. The event is open to all levels.

The most important thing to say here is that it is such a great feeling riding a dropbar “roadbike” in the dirt. Its odd but it is addictive. It is higly unlikely that you get mud in Greece since it hardly ever rains but thats OK. CX can happen in great quality even in dry dirt. The feeling is there even if the mud is not and even better! You are shredding trails on 32c tyres and no suspension which makes the resemblance with riding a track bike in traffic come to life.

All in all it was a great day out and you should make sure you wont miss the next one because the game is on. There are 2 more scheduled CX races for this year.

Thanks to all that came out and cheered for us. Many thanks to Vangelis Paravas, Petros Gkotsis and Nassos Triantafyllou for these awesome photographs. Thanks also to Mimis and Panos.

For the history Themis got 2nd, Sotos 3rd, Agi 4th and Thomas 5th.

Elite Men: Rovakis (TALOS), Paras (Team World of Bike), Ninis (Atlas)
Open Men: Galis (Niner), Antoniadis (48×17/All City), Meligdis (Den Blekeis/ Nerosolinas)

Cross is here.



























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