Workshop Pricelist

We operate a full service workshop. We offer tune ups, wheelbuilding, paintwork and anything that your bike may require. Book your appointment.


Small ___  5€
5-10 min – any kind of check/ fine tuning asked 

General (parts not included)
Single Speed___ 25 €
Geared Mechanical___ 45 €
Geared Hydro__ 75 €
gears/brakes adjusted
drivetrain cleaned/lubed
headset/BB checked/adjusted
wheels trued
brake fluid added

Full (parts not included)
Single Speed___ 60 €
Geared Mechanical___ 70 €
Geared Hydro__ 85 €
includes all general service +
drivetrain cleaning and lubing, bottom bracket removed regreased refit, wheelset and headset bearings cleaned lubed
cables  inspected and reaplaced
brake pads inspected and replaced if necessary
brake fluid added

Washing/ Cleaning _______  5 €
compulsory if the bicycle is in non-workable condition


Quick Truing _____  5 €
5-10 min
Truing ____________  15 €
aprox 1/2 hour
Wheel Build____  30 €
per wheel
Tubeless fitting___ 10 €
per wheel
Tyre fitting___ 5 €
per wheel
Wheel Service___ 25 €
per wheel
hubs adjusted, bearings greased, rims trued

Prices do not include cost of spare parts such as spokes.
Prices of spoke set per wheel (including nipples):
25 € (Sapim Leader)
30 € (Sapim Race)


Change of inner tube___ 6 €
excluding inner tube

Brakes ___ 15 €
cleaned, adjusted, lubed
excluding pads

Gears ___ 20 €
cleaned jockeys/chain, parts adjusted, chain lubed

Frame ___ 15 €
rear d hanger adjustment or headset adjustment or BB tighten
any other adjustment 


Assembly Track/ Single Speed___ 55 €
approx 2 hours
Assembly Geared Rim Bicycle___ 85 €
approx 3 hours
Assembly Geared Bicycle___ 95 €
(mechanical disc, dynamo wheel, touring racks)
approx 4 hours
Assembly Geared Bicycle___ 120 €
(any hydro disc)
approx 5 hours

Extra Work _________  25 €
per hour


We offer full paintwork service.
Weather it is a restoration of a vintage frame or a a fresh paint scheme to your bike  we can offer exceptional quality with a creative approach based on competitive prices.


The most important part of the bike after the frame is most definitely the wheels. We believe that wheelsets differ according to the intended use. Nothing compares to a handmade wheelset in terms of quality of rolling, reliability and lifespan. We lace wheels for racing use, commuting, track wheels, off-road, gravel and touring.

Aivee – Son Dynamo – White Industries – Campagnolo – Phil Wood – Suzue – Paul Components – Shimano – Shutter Precision – Dia Compe

Ambrosio – Mavic – Velocity – H+ Son

We use Sapim spokes and nipples in all our wheelsets (Leader, Race, CX Ray).

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