Report: Themi’s weekend in Genoa for Respublica Superiorem Non Recognosens race

16 Jun 2016

On the 9nth of April 2016, the much anticipated fixed gear mountain race took place in Genoa, Italy entitled Respublica Superiorem Non Recognosens. A true-blood brakeless fixed gear only race passing through various mixed terrain throughout the city and the surrounding hills of Genoa, Italy.


Our awesome friends  SCVDO GENOVA, a brakeless-track bike shredding collective hailling from the Italian riviera, send us an invite a couple of months earlier. After getting in touch with them last year at theTBTW RAGNAROK race, I was insanely hyped to travel and race again with these dudes!

Following a big national airport strike, I managed to transfer my flight the morning before the race. Sadly this shook things up a bit causing 2 of my friends missing the trip. I landed in Malpensa airport, where I was supposed to meet Federico from Track Bike Total War, where a quick ride was in order for us to arrive to his hometown, Novara. Thankfully the whole day leading up to this was smooth and ταλαίπα free, leaving me fully fresh and relaxed for the rest of the commute to Genova.


After spotting his bearded mug amongst a group of beautiful Italian ladies, we built up the bike and rode through an awesome route involving some challenging gravel sections along a riverside road. Following a quick shower post arrival, we swiftly mounted Fede’s car and drove all the way to Genova, where we had Matty waiting for us at his place with a big warm bowl of pesto a la genovese.


Ride Fast,Take Chances

On raceday weather was pretty cold, gloomy but no rain which help us all a lot.

The start of the race was at the historic dock of Genoa – on a busy Saturday morning, requiring some yelling and pedestrian dodging till we made our way to the first checkpoint out of the city. The first group of Chas from Mash, Bruzza of Tema Cinelli/Chrome and Wilis from Deleuxe Cycles went for the breakaway right at the start, leaving my (t)rusty HELLAS track bike twerking to the wattage and me trying not to cough up a kidney on the uphill!


I managed to hold on for long enough before i blew up and I pick my self up following the rhythm of the race. Then we approached the gravel part and everything fell into place: trusting my steel track HELLAS bike I was able to step it up at this part, precceding the first epic downhill where me, along with Marco Florian (a new friend made on the uphill), bombed away for good and managed to catch up some of the riders from the first group while Bruzza flated out and was out of the race.

As we descended back in to the heart of Genova, I felt strong and tried my luck at a breakaway on the flat part of the city. Everything went good and Marco managed to keep up with me so everything was laid out for the final climb.

Marco flipped the switch and started climbing like a madman, giving a good uphill pace and a few kms before the top we saw the first dudes descending. That surely gave a quick boost to our screeching legs and we stepped it up again for the final part of the race.The final downhill back into the city was insane, probably one of the most scenic roads i’ve ever ridden in my life. Close calls were had and a lot of tyre was burned as we bombed our asses off to try and chase Willis, Chas and Andrea at the front!

Sunday Funday
Sunday was like from a different season. Full sunny spring vibes was the perfect theme for a recovery ride throughout the riviera.Vito and Stick from Genoa, showed us Italy as it was ment to be seen, riding along the seaside all the way to Portofino and Rapallo – Vitos’ beautiful classy hometown.

Italy is still the best and the cheapest track bike trip you can have and I so much enjoyed my time with Fede and Scvdo. The mountainous fixed gear thing over there is strong and many more other events and opportunities to travel there will come up. Maybe its time you join us.

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