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Arion’s Cinelli MASH rework

Arion brought this bike in the shop in a completely different state. It had a “fixie” white/green coloured wheelset and other various parts that he thought were ugly and needed a treat from 48×17 to get back to shape. Dust was on the saddle and spider web on the spokes. Our upgrade included a new wheelset: we laced Gran Compe low profile track hubs on H+ Son Formation Face high profile rims (2x), changed the pedals combo to MKS GR-9 with All City cages and BLB nylon straps, changed the bartape to SRAM black, replaced the cog to All City, changed tyres to Continental Supersport/ Ultrasport and serviced the bike and its drivetrain. We really like this build, full of oldschool vibe and we are sure that Arion is going to enjoy it in his new hometown London.

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